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  Wikus & Christien    Newsletter May/June 2024   Hi to all. Hope you are doing very well. May God bless you in all that you do as you pursue your calling in life with whatever you do. Here are the newest highlights of what God is doing with us at Ywam Potch. Work creation centre For months we have been working in the direction of a work creation centre. We work with work for a living which has a very successful franchise of work creation in South-Africa, especially in the townships. They have training and a way of setting up the centre. What is central and crucial is the facilitator that must do the training and facilitate the training in the centre. We have been looking for a candidate for a few months and we have interviewed up to ten candidates in search of the right candidate. We believe we have now found the right candidate that is also involved in a multicultural church. She has started with the training and the possibilities of starting the centre looks very goo

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